1. The Order of Honour of the Patriarchate of Tallinn (OHPT) is the highest Medal and the highest honour of the Anglocatholic Church.
  2. OHPT is to be given to a person only one time in the life-time of the recipient. It is
    never to be given posthumously.
  3. OHPT will be given to the persons who have shown the greatest integrity, honesty and
    loyalty to the Church of Christ.
  4. OHPT is mostly given to the Bishops and clergy, but may also be given to lay people.
  5. OHPT is only to be given by the decree of the Patriarch of the Anglocatholic Church.
    Individuals may nominate candidates for consideration by the Patriarch. However,
    they may not request this honour for themselves.
  6. If the OHPT is awarded to non members of the Anglocatholic Church, the
    Patriarch may ask for a donation to the Patriarch Fund.
  7. It is desirable that the OHPT be given personally by the Patriarch to members of
    the Anglocatholic Church, especially to the Bishops. In this case, the recipient is
    expected to pay all expenses of the Patriarch – travel, hotel, meals etc.
  8. The Patriarch may delegate the giving of OHPT to some other dignitaries in the
    leadership of the Anglocatholic Church. In these cases the expenses of giving the
    OHPT are agreed between the delegated giver and the receiver.
  9. The OHPT is to be worn over a cassock or with secular clothing, a suit or formal
    wear (Black or White tie). The OHPT is never to be worn with liturgical vestments.
  10. Iis desirable the OHPT be awarded in an official ceremony by the Patriarch of the
    Anglocatholic Church (at an official banquet etc). It is to be understood that the Patriarch’s expenses are to be covered by the recipient.
  11. The OHPT is to be given only to the Bishops of the Anglocatholic Church who are
    Members of the College of Bishops of the Anglocatholic Church.
  12. All individual recipients of this award who are members of the Anglocatholic
    Church and leave the fellowship of the Church or are later deposed or
    excommunicated from the Anglocatholic Church have the obligation to return their
    OHPT to the Anglocatholic Church.
  13. Any complaints concerning OHPT are to be resolved by the Holy Synod and the
    Patriarch of the Anglocatholic Church
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