Message at The Great Feast of Pentecost

Dear Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Laity of the Anglocatholic Church!

A man of God has said: “Because of the Holy Spirit, as people of the cross, we understand one another. Even without words. The speech of charity, care, consideration for one another, listening and good deeds is understood without words. lt every man of the cross should be able to speak to each other, but also to speak to those who do not yet understand that the Spirit of Truth can also make a substitute for himself in the hearts of all those who have hitherto spoken only in the language of the world. Pentecost is the feast of understanding, unity and speaking in the language of peace! If only we took the time to listen… (U.V.)”


Patriarch Lord Dr. Heigo Ritsbek
Tallinn Patriarchate of The Anglocatholic Church

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