New Structures of Our Church in the Republic of Congo and DR Congo under Metropolitan Archbishop Miafouanandi

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Saint Sophie Sagesse Divine
(Republic of Congo, DR Congo)
His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop James Christian Macaire Miafouanandi
Diocese of Saint Paul the Apostle (Republic of Congo)

His Excellency Bishop Florent Moussolo
His Excellency Titular Bishop Christ Nkounkou
His Excellency Bishop Emeritus Herbert Nkodia
Diocese of Saint Pascal (Republic of Congo)
His Excellency Bishop Auxiliary Florentin Ntsembani

His Excellency Titulary Bishop Mexan Prince Nganga
Diocese of Saint Michael the Archangel (Republic of Congo)
His Excellency Bishop Julien Muanda Lussala
Diocese of Saint Rita (DR Congo)
His Excellency Bishop Albart Thiamina
Diocese of Saint John of the Cross (DR Congo)
His Excellency Bishop Laetare Bilongui
Diocese of Saint Virgin Mary (DR Congo)
The Reverend Father Eddy Diantete

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