Thank you for the good wishes to my 70th birthday!

His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Lord Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church has received hundreds of good wishes at his 70th birthday on April 12, 2021.

Among them were His Eminence Dr. Raphael Marie Villiere, His Eminence Dr. David Smith, His Eminence Dr. Joseph Pevigo, His Eminence Dr. Augustine Urumbayev, His Eminence Dr. Ian Charles Adrian, His Eminence Dr. Jeffrey Orellana, His Excellency Dr. Paul Jacob Boardman, His Excellency Dr. Raivo Kodanik, Reverend Father Adriano Amoto, His Eminence Svetoslav Vassileff from Old Catholic Church in Bulgaria, Presiding Bishop of The Communion of International Catholic Communities Most Reverend Todd Bell, The Most Reverend Dr. Kenneth Myers (Bishop of The Anglican Church in North America), from Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church – Most Reverend Archbishop Emeritus Andres Põder, Right Reverend Bishop Dr. Tiit Salumäe, Reverend Jaan Tammsalu, Reverend Avo Üprus, Reverend Margit Nirgi, Reverend Avo Kiir, Reverend Dr. Tarmo Kulmar, Reverend Dr. Jaan Lahe, Reverend Yllar Nõlv, Reverend Endel Apsalon, Reverend Ivo Pill, Reverend Toivo Treiblut, Reverend Tiiu Hermat, Reverend Kaido Soom, Reverend Dr. Arne Hiob, Reverend Erkki Juhandi, Reverend Kalmer Keskyla, Bishop Charles Crawford (United States), Bishop Douglas Woodall (United States), Bishop Jacob Danner (United States), The Reverend Dr. Maxie D. Dunnam (United States), Reverend Randy Innes (United States), Reverend Dr. Meego Remmel, President of The European Baptist Fellowship, from The Baptist Union in Estonia – Former President Right Reverend Dr. Joosep Tammo, President Reverend Erki Tamm, Reverend Heldur Kajaste, Reverend Jüri Puusaag, Reverend Helari Puu, Reverend Aamo Remmel, Reverend Valdo Nõlvak, Reverend Enn Veevo, Reverend Allan Helde, Reverend Endel Lohu, Reverend Veikko Võsu, Reverend Aare Tamm, Reverend Herman Mäemets, Reverend Paul Gill, Reverend Eerik Rahkema, Reverend Dr. Peeter Roosimaa, from The Christian Pentecostal Church in Estonia – Right Reverend Ago Lilleorg, Very Reverend Guldar Järve, Reverend Meelis Maikalu, from Russian Orthodox Church in Estonia – Reverend Igor Prekup, from Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church – Reverend Father Sakarias Jaan Leppik, from the United Methodist Church in Estonia – Reverend Eduard Kakko, Reverend Hans Lahi, Reverend Urmas Rahuvarm, Reverend Toomas Pajusoo, from Union of Evangelical Free Churches in Estonia – President Reverend Heigo Ausmees, Reverend Janek Pallase, Reverend Randye Frye (United States), Reverend Jorunn Wendel (Norway), Mr. Dan Satterlee from The Sovereign Military Order of the Holy Trinity Templar Knights, Bishop Oysten Olsen (Norway), the Mayor of the City of Tallinn, capital city of The Republic of Estonia, Mr. Mihhail Kõlvart, several members of The Parliament of The Republic of Estonia, many dignitaries, and hundreds and hundreds of people more! Thank you all very-very much!!!

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