Holy Synod of The Anglocatholic Church

On September 8, 2020, by the decree of His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church, The Most Reverend Julio Cesar Diazgranados Fandino, Ordinary of the Diocese of Saint Patrick (Colombia) of The Anglocatholic Church, has been named as a Member of The Holy Synod of The Anglocatholic Church, the highest organ of The Anglocatholic Church and the only legislative body of The Anglocatholic Church. The current six members of The Holy Synod of The Anglocatholic Church are: Patriarch Dr. Heigo Ritsbek (Estonia); Patriarch Coadjutor Dr. Raphael Marie Villiere (France); Primate Dr. Earl Lewis Frazier (United States); Primate Dr. Ian Charles Adrian (Australia); Primate Dr. Joseph Iorhumba Pevigo (Nigeria), and Bishop Julio Cesar Diazgranados Fandino (Colombia). Prefect Dr. David Smith (Canada) is the Consultant to the Holy Synod of The Anglocatholic Church. As we see five continents are represented here, we hope to have soon also a representative of Asia.

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