Two Major Changes in Revised Code of Canon Law

5.3 In the Sacrifice of the Mass, Christ Himself acts along with His Church,
through the ministry of the Priest. Christ offers Himself as substantially
present under the species of Bread and Wine. He offers Himself to God, his
Father, as a sacrifice for our reconciliation, his body broken and his blood
shed for our redemption. He gives Himself as spiritual food to the faithful
who thereby unite themselves in His offering. The Bread and Wine of the
Mass become for us the very Body and Blood of Christ. In this memorial of
his Cross and Passion and the great love He bears for us, we hope to become
a living sacrifice in Jesus Christ, our Lord and show in our lives the fruits of
his redemption.

23.6 All Bishops of the Anglocatholic Church are required by obligation to
donate to or tithe to the Patriarch Fund of the Church on a regular basis,
and at least once per annum. Participation in this aspect of the life
of our Church is linked to participation in the governance of the
Anglocatholic Church within the Holy Synod and to advancement
within the hierarchy of this Church and full membership of
The College of Bishops of The Anglocatholic Church.

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