The Anglocatholic Church In Numbers 2018

The Anglocatholic Church has around the world in twenty-five countries (+11): Australia, Brazil, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, DR Congo, Estonia, France, Gabon, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda, and United States in twelve archdioceses (+7) and nineteen dioceses (+14) in 143 parishes (+80) with 21,835 faithful members (+12,939). Among them are 30 bishops (+20), 209 priests (+104), and 235 deacons (+50), total 474 clergymen (+174).

(In the brackets change with last year).

There are thirty Bishops at THE ANGLOCATHOLIC CHURCH: Patriarch Dr. Heigo Ritsbek (Estonia); Patriarch Coadjutor Dr. David Smith (Canada); Primate Glentis G. Samuel (Canada); Primate Dr. Ian Charles Adrian (Australia); Primate Dr. Jean Ndjewel (Cameroon); Primate Jose Fernando de Faria (Brazil); Primate Dr. Jeffrey Pangilinan Orellana (Philippines); Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. Godwin Booysen (South Africa); Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. Raphael Marie Villiere (France); Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. Martin Lakwey Kiprotich (Uganda); Archbishop Emmanuel Kwasi Mensah (Ghana); Archbishop Vincent De Paul Nzunu (DR Congo); Archbishop Dr. Mauricio Isaias Largaespada Umana (Costa Rica); Bishop Dr. Raivo Kodanik (Estonia); Bishop Paul Jacob Boardman, Jr. (United States); Bishop Mathew Enoch Mount (United States); Bishop Jean Claude Normand (France); Bishop Joseph Iorhumba Pevigo (Nigeria); Bishop Joseph Matungulu Kyanga (DR Congo); Bishop Ralph Sutich (United States); Bishop Jorge dos Santos Costa (Brazil); Bishop Orestes Calazans Filho (Brazil); Bishop Jean Nicholas Ngigoe (Gabon); Bishop Bongani Mchuba (South Africa); Bishop Delvano Westenhofer Brum (Brazil); Bishop Bienvenu Beast Ngonda (DR Congo); Bishop Wenceslas Sakudu Mira (DR Congo); Bishop Anicet Bikar (DR Congo), Bishop Dr. Sylvester Rwakaikara Adyeri (Uganda); and Bishop Ebiringah Barthelomeuw Uwaoma (Nigeria).

In December 2018 three largest Archdioceses of The Anglocatholic Church are: Archdiocese of Saint Mark the Evangelist, led by His Eminence, Most Reverend Dr. Martin Lakwey Kiprotich, D.D., Archbishop, in 5 countries, 20 churches, 2 bishops, 36 priests, and 22 deacons with 10,060 faithful members; Archdiocese of Saint John the Apostle, led by His Eminence, Most Reverend Emmanuel Kwasi Mensah, Archbishop, in 3 countries, 54 churches, 1 bishop, 94 priests, and 194 deacons with 5,336 faithful members; and Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mediator Dei, led by His Eminence, Most Reverend Dr. Jean Ndjewel, Metropolitan Archbishop, in 6 countries, 23 churches, 6 bishops, 33 priests, and 8 deacons with 3,273 faithful members. 

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