Convocation in the Republic of Congo

April 15 – 16, 2022 there was in Pointe-Nore, in the Republic of Congo, The Convocation of All Clergyc of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Saint Sophie Sagesse Divine (Republic of Congo, DR Congo) of The Anglocatholic Church. This convocation was led by His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. James Christian Macaire Miafouanandi. There were present 29 clergymen, including 6 bishops, and one bishop elect. These were the participants: His Eminence James Christian Macaire Miafouanandi, His Excellency Rodrigue Bazolo, His Excellency Aimé Makima, His Excellency Marlan Badikila, His Excellency Sila Martynes Sanidan, His Excellency Florent Moussolo (consecrated on April 17, 2022), Mgr Christ Bienvenu Nkounkou (Bishop elect), Mgr Dieu-Merci Moupata, Mgr Benoît Tamba, Reverend Father Odilon Souadimo, Reverend Father Eddy Diantete, Reverend Father Ephrem Mouanga, Reverend Father Régis Ndewa, Reverend Father Davy H. Mialounguila, Reverend Father Jérôme Ovandjoue, Reverend Father Guy Lorian Kakoula M, Reverend Father Fadhy Mbemba, Reverend Father Aimé Milandou, Reverend Father Norvel Npandou, Reverend Father R. Sosthène Massengo, Reverend Father Grâce Miassouamina, Reverend Father Dieudonné Ngouloukoua, Reverend Deacon Ruddy Makita, Reverend Deacon Bonheur Banani, Reverend Deacon François Mouanga, Reverend Deacon Rodel Locko, Brother sub deacon Darcely Nkanou, Brother sub deacon Gloire Miafouanandi, and Brother sub deacon Chancel Mbemba.

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