Letter from Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. David Smith

Dear ++++ Father,
Five years today! Many congratulations to you for staying the course despite challenges and disappointments. If I may say so, hesitantly, I am very proud of you for staying true to your calling, for keeping the faith and for fixing your eyes firmly on the upward call of God in Christ. You, along with blessed Paul, can say with a certain pride that you did not receive the grace of God in vain; that despite the trials set before you, you are able to rejoice as ‘ having nothing, and yet possessing all things, ‘ as teaches today’s Epistle. In truth, it is not exactly that we have nothing, for we are endowed with the precious gift of faith and of hope that will move mountains. Thus, we wait patiently for the Lord and He will incline to us and fulfill our needs.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the opportunities and challenges that you have placed before me, and for the growth that they have afforded me.
Today, in the context of the Sunday Mass of Lent I, I have prayed to the Lord for our cause and for the gift of his will for the Anglocatholic Church. May she be blessed and all who are within her. May she bring forth fruit in due season to the glory of God the Father, through Jesus the Son in the love and power of the Holy Spirit. 
Blessings to you my dear Father in God,
+++ David

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