Conclusions of Conclave 2017

On August 4 – 6, 2017 there was the First Conclave of The Anglocatholic Church and the Meeting of The Holy Synod. What were the results? We experienced a unique unity in love relationship between our clergy; we decided to make our Canon Law legal for all over the Anglocatholic Church: two bishops were consecrated by Patriarch Dr. Heigo Ritsbek and assisted by Metropolitan Archbishop Glentis Samuel – these men are Bishop Paul Boardman, Jr. and Bishop Mathew Mount; Canon David Smith was nominated by the Patriarch a Titular Bishop of Antioch of Pisidia; it was decided that the next Holy Synod Meeting will be in late June 2019 in Toronto (Canada), the next Conclave place and time for 2021 was not determined yet; we had great Enthronement Solemn Mass of Patriarch Dr. Heigo Ritsbek; we had wonderful lectures by Bishop David Smith and Metropolitan Archbishop Glentis Samuel and very fruitful and encouraging theological and liturgical discussions; fellowships around meal times etc. Very blessed time together!

(The photo below shows the house in Seekonk, MA, USA where most Conclave events took place, the left window is the window of our chapel).

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