A Prophetic Message to the Anglocatholic Church

“For I know the plans for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11)

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Interview with the Patriarch

Your Beatitude, how to describe the first three years of your communion?

Certainly three years is a short time to come to some very deep conclusions. But I think that it shows that we are building still the basis for a communion of faithful from Conservative Old Catholic, Anglican and other background Christians in several countries.

How large is your Church just now?

We have 31 bishops, 208 priests, and 235 deacons – total 474 clergymen in 25 countries of the world with 143 parishes and 22,201 faithful members. The majority of our church is in Africa. Totally we have twelve archdioceses and seventeen dioceses.

What makes you most happy in your ministry as the Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church?

Several things, but the joy of ministry by our clergy makes me really happy. And several bishops who are bringing in new people and educating new clergy and sending messages of growth in several parts of the world. Also – the faithfulness of the leadership in very difficult situations and great loyalty to the Patriarch.

Now you are making preparations to The Convocation of The Holy Synod of The Anglocatholic Church in Toronto, Canada this June. What would be the main topics of discussion there?

As The Holy Synod is the only legislative organ in our church, we will have there different decisions to make. Maybe one of the most important one will be the revision of our Canon Law, so after The Convocation we will have The Code of Revised Canon Law 2019. Also many other aspects of church life – liturgy, theological education, church structure, missions etc. will be discussed.

What is making you most sad looking at the current trends in the Christian world?

Surely the liberal theology, which has changed the understanding of the Holy Scripture, the Creeds of the Church, the first Councils of the Christian Church and Christian ethics and to be honest – the whole Christian Theology. More and more clergy are writing to me and we are incardinating new clergy, who simply cannot serve with pure heart in the denominations and communions where there the female clergy, gay clergy, and gay marriages are accepted and propagated.

So you have no female clergy nor gay clergy?


What do you see in future for your Communion?

I see that there will be more Conservative Anglican, Old Catholic and other clergy who simply cannot accept the liberal movements and the ultra-liberal theology and they find among us a real home. I surely see new church members, who thru evangelism have found their way to our church. We have a small beginnings, but we want to stand faithfully next to our brothers and sisters in Christ in larger communions to proclaim Christian message, as it was given to the Early Church by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ himself, and was proclaimed thru all the ages.

Thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings+++

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Change in the Office of The Patriarch

Since March 11, 2019 there is a change in the Office of the Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church. As we have now larger structure and Primates in several continents helping The Patriarch in the ministry of the Church, there is no need to have certain positions. There remains only one official advisor to the Patriarch – Senior Advisor Patriarch Coadjutor Dr. David Smith. All Primates are helping the Patriarch and giving him advice concerning different areas of ministry and issues of the church.

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Archbishop David Jonathan Leet, B.Th., Incardinated

On March 3, His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church, has incardinated His Eminence, The Most Reverend David Jonathan Leet, B.Th., into The Anglocatholic Church (Australia). His Eminence David Leet will serve as the Auxiliary Archbishop of The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Our Lady of Guadeloupe (Australia) under His Eminence Dr. Ian Charles Adrian, Primate of All Australia and Oceania.

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New Bishop Elect in Cameroon

We have a new Bishop Elect in Cameroon, Africa – The Reverend Father Omie Moise. He will be consecrated as a Bishop by The Primate of All Africa, The Most Reverend Dr. Jean Ndjewel when the time will be right.

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Gratitude from The Patriarch

His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, The Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church, thanks all bishops of The Anglocatholic Church who have sent very warm and sincere greetings to the Office of The Patriarch in connection of The Third Anniversary of The Anglocatholic Church! Be blessed +++

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Confirmation Mass in Normandy, France

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, His Eminence, The Most Reverend Dr. Raphael Marie Villiere, D.D., had Solemn Mass commemorating the Third Anniversary of The Anglocatholic Church and two girls were confirmed at this Holy Mass.

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A Letter from Primate Dr. Jean Ndjewel

Our Church is structured with a futuristic vision. May the Holy Spirit give us men to the size of our expectations. The restoration of the whole Catholic Church will pass through our Anglo-Catholic family. To the Angel of the Anglo-Catholic Church, write! To our brother Raphael Marie Villiere congratulations for the confidence that the church places on you at the head of all the Primatiale Europe. Ad multos annis habemus primatiam.

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New Primate of All Europe of The Anglocatholic Church

On February 25th, 2019, by the decree of His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church nominated His Eminence, The Most Reverend Dr. Raphael Marie Villiere, DD, Metropolitan Archbishop of The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mary Madiatrix of All Graces of The Anglocatholic Church, also as The Primate of All Europe of The Anglocatholic Church.

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From Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. Raphael Villiere, D.D.

Dear brothers in the Episcopate,

In this time of grace, allow me to wish all members and faithful of the Anglocatholic Church a happy birthday for the three years of its foundation. In a world where Christendom seems to be slowly dying out, God in his great goodness has cast his eyes on our new family by allowing through his Holy Spirit, gradually an expulsion through the continents, which gives us great reasons for hope.
First of all, I want to express my gratitude to our beloved Patriarch, His Beatitude Heigo, for his wisdom, his humility, his understanding and his ability to gather. Does not Church mean assembly?
Among the difficulties and misunderstandings I faced in the past, entering the Anglocatholic Church was an oasis of peace, and I never thought that it was still possible to find Church, who is also understanding and at the same time, who follow the dogmas consistent with the Holy Scriptures and the tradition and teaching of the first Fathers of the Church. This time, I found my house.
“There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and among all, and in all” says Paul in the Epistle to the Ephesians, (Eph 4: 5-6)
Thus, united in this same communion of faith, although we are scattered, we are one, although our ways and customs are different. But we have the same vocation to serve, to transmit, to teach for the salvation of souls, and to bring comfort, if need be, to every person in suffering. In a word, it means: to love. That’s good, that’s what Christ asks us: “This is my commandment:” Love one another, as I have loved you. “John, 15, 6.
Let us continue our momentum, so that the Holy Spirit may continue to breathe in the Anglocatholic Church, to promote and dispense the word of God, to allow us to attain purity of heart and to remain united.
Next Sunday, February 24th, let’s all be in communion for the celebration of this event.

Dear Brothers, may God give you the strength to continue working for His glory.

Blessings +++

Chers frères dans l’Episcopat,

En ce temps de grâce, permettez moi de souhaiter à tous les membres et fidèles de l’Eglise Anglo-Catholique, un joyeux anniversaire pour les trois ans de sa Fondation. Dans un monde, où la chrétienté semble s’éteindre à petit feu, Dieu dans sa grande bonté a jeté les yeux sur notre nouvelle famille en y permettant par son Esprit Saint, petit à petit une expansion à travers les continents, ce qui nous donne de grands motifs d’espérance.

Tout d’abord, je veux exprimer toute ma reconnaissance à notre bien aimé Patriarche, Sa Béatitude Heigo, pour sa sagesse, son humilité, sa compréhension et sa capacité à rassembler. Eglise ne signifie t-il pas assemblée ?

Parmi les difficultés et les incompréhensions dont j’ai eu à faire face dans le passé, l’entrée au sein de l’Eglise Anglo-Catholique fut un oasis de paix, et jamais je n’aurais penser qu’il était encore possible de trouver une Eglise, qui soit aussi compréhensive et en même temps, qui suivent les dogmes conformes aux Saintes Ecritures et à la tradition et l’enseignement  des premiers Pères de l’Eglise. Cette fois, j’ai trouvé ma maison.

“Il y a un seul Seigneur, une seule foi, un seul baptême, un seul Dieu et Père de tous, qui est au-dessus de tous, et parmi tous, et en tous” nous dit Paul dans l’Epitre aux Ephésiens, (Eph, 4, 5-6).

Ainsi, unis dans cette même communion de  foi, bien que nous soyons éparpillés, nous ne faisons qu’un, bien que nos us et coutumes sont différentes. Mais nous avons la même vocation de servir, de transmettre, d’enseigner pour le salut des âmes, et d’apporter le cas échéant réconfort à toute personne dans la souffrance. En un mot, cela signifie : Aimer. Cela tombe bien, c’est ce que le Christ nous demande : “C’est ici mon commandement : Aimez-vous les uns les autres, comme je vous ai aimés.” Jean, 15, 6.

Poursuivons notre lancée, afin que le Saint Esprit ne cesse de souffler au sein de l’Eglise Anglo Catholique, promouvoir et dispenser la parole de Dieu, pour nous permettre d’atteindre la pureté du cœur et de resté unis.

Dimanche prochain le 24 février, soyons tous en communion pour la célébration de cet évènement.

Chers Frères que Dieu vous donne la force de continuer à œuvrer, pour sa gloire.

Bénédictions +++

XXX Raphaël Marie VILLIERE

Très Révérend Père Raphaël Marie VILLIERE

Archevêque Métropolite / Metropolitan Archbishop

Archidiocèse Métropolitain Marie Médiatrice de Toutes grâces

Metropolitan Archidiocese of Mary Mediatrix of All Graces

Eglise Anglo-Catholique

The Anglocatholic Church


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