Global Metropolitan Archdiocese of The Most Holy Trinity (Estonia)
His Beatitude Patriarch Dr. Heigo Ritsbek

Senior Advisor to Patriarch (Canada)
His Excellency Bishop David Smith
Special Advisor to the Patriarch (France)
His Eminence Archbishop Raphael Marie Villiere

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Our Lady and Saint Basil (Canada)
His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Glentis G. Samuel

Archdiocese of Saint John the Apostle
(Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa)
His Eminence Archbishop Emmanuel Kwasi Mensah

Archdiocese of Saint Patrick (Ireland)
His Eminence Archbishop Martin Pius Kelly

The Archdiocese of Mary Mediatrix of All Graces (France)
His Eminence Archbishop Raphael Marie Villiere
His Excellency Jean Claude Normand

Archdiocese of Mediator Dei (Cameroon, Gabon, DR Congo, Nigeria)
His Eminence Archbishop Dr. Jean Ndjewel
Brotherhood of Saint John (Cameroon)
Father Jack Arnold Simo

Diocese of Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God (Estonia)
His Excellency Bishop Dr. Raivo Kodanik

Diocese of Divine Trinity (Philippines)
His Excellency Bishop Dr. Jeffrey Pangilinan Orellana

Diocese of Saint Jerome and Saint Anthony the Great (U.S.)
His Excellency Bishop Mathew Enoch Mount

Diocese of Saint Michael (U.S.)
His Excellency Bishop Paul Jacob Boardman, Jr.

Diocese of Saint Mary, Queen of the Rosary (Russia)
Bishop Elect Father Dominic Mackiewicz