New Countries Joined Our Church – Bishop Ddjewel Elevated

On October 12, 2017 His Excellency Bishop Jean Ndjewel (left photo) joined The Anglocatholic Church with parishes in Cameroon, Gabon, DR Congo and in Nigeria, his diocese is called The Diocese of Mediator Dei of The Anglocatholic Church. Also The Reverend Father Jack Arnold Simo (right photo) in Cameroon joined us with his Brotherhood of Saint John.

At the same time His Beatitude, The Most Reverend Dr. Heigo Ritsbek, MA, MDiv, DMin, LittD, DD, Patriarch of The Anglocatholic Church, elevated Bishop Jean Ndjewel as Archbishop over the Archdiocese of Mediator Dei of The Anglocatholic Church.

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3 Responses to New Countries Joined Our Church – Bishop Ddjewel Elevated

  1. Brother. Oliver Lamin Michael Williams says:

    Thank God for Sierra Leone has also join the world AngloCatholic Church, there are two communities open now, St. Mark the Evangelist Church and St. Jude Church. The church is lead by me Brother Oliver Lamin Michael Williams, formal Religious Brother in the Roman Catholic Church Sierra Leone.
    We thank God for his grace, and also we thank His Beatitude and His Excellency Bishop Jean foe their Fatherly guidance and prayers. My ordination coming soon in Cameroom. God bless us all.

  2. Rev.Fr Elvis Aaron-Fofanah says:

    Am interested in your Mission for incardination, am Rev Fr Elvis Aaron-Fofanah an Ordained Priest vof the Greek Orthodox Mission Archdiocese of Sierra Leone,

  3. Fr.Elvis Aaron-Fofanah says:

    Greetings to you all,am very much delightful to tell you all that I have been accepted into the Order of the Anglocatholic worldwide,have received my Incardinated letter today,been a full member of the the Anglocatholic Communion.

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